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We’re lucky to get a lot of love from clients, and people from near and far telling us that they think we offer the best boudoir photography in Vancouver, BC; but don’t take our word for it - check out our Google Reviews if you’re not convinced!


If you're getting married to your best friend, you want Pam as your photographer. Pam is a loving, reliable, and professional photographer who helped to make our wedding a joy. She went the extra mile (or two) to ensure that our wedding photographs captured the beauty and spirit of the ceremony and party. Your wedding photos are the records you are left with at the end of the day, and I'm glad we entrusted ours to Pam.



I had an extraordinary experience working with Pam. I felt comfortable, at ease and able to fully express myself. The photos were a deep reflection of my essence.


Pam coached me throughout the shoot, and was extremely professional with her pre- and post-communication, her pre-shoot booklet had information and let me know what to expect. This was one of my first times being photographed by a professional, and though I was slightly nervous I was thrilled with the end result. I recommend Pam to anyone who wants to feel beautiful and powerful in boudoir!


Wow! These are amazing. The lighting is perfect. I didn't know from how I felt what it would look like, clearly your direction is incredible!


Oh my gosh they are spectacular! I am so GRATEFUL!
You are an artist and you have such a great eye. I'm not the only one who is happy with them - what a response on FB!


We were in love with our photos! They were gorgeous. Pam is such a pleasure to work with too.


It was such a pleasure to work with pam, she is very patient and easing going. she also is very talented and definitely has an eye for details. I certainly recommend her for weddings or Boudoir photo shoots!


Pam, you are the best. Thank you for all your hard work! We still talk about how much fun the engagement shoot was (and how at first we were dreading our pictures being taken). Everything turned out great! You were the perfect person to do our wedding!"


Fuck they look good. I'm impressed.