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Wedding photography that is intimate, modern, and cinematic, reflecting your remarkable love as a couple.


I'm totally, absolutely obsessed. I say that a lot. 

I'm Pam, the primary photographer at aiota photography, a wedding, boudoir, and lifestyle photography company in Vancouver, BC. To say that I love image-making is probably an understatement. It may even be an addiction! I love movement, gesture, expression, micro-expression, human and non-human connection, nostalgia, in a photograph. I also love music, fashion, comedy, and people. 

You would have to love people, to do this, I think, because they are so vulnerable in front of you, in front of your camera. Some people, few people, aren't afraid of the camera - especially when they have to get all PDA; PDA in front of a basically-stranger.

My goal as a wedding photographer, and with photography in general, is to give people the space and opportunity to be themselves, honestly, in front of my camera. As honest as they can possibly be of course, they do have a camera in front of them, after all!

I am enamoured with the possibility that I may, even for the briefest of moments, get a window into your perspective and your unique love as a couple. Who knows what funny and wonderful language the two of you have between each other? It's always a beautiful experience to be able to illuminate and illustrate that. I really want to know and tell your story.

And that's what it's really all about, anyway; the deep and genuine connection between two humans. The number one thing I hear couples ask for from their wedding photography is photos that don't look overly posed. There's a word for that, it's stiff, and you don't want it, because it isn't authentic. Sure, there are some classic shots that you need, the wedding party, the family portraits, the photo for your "Thank You" cards or for your grandparents to frame and hang on their wall - but most people feel awkward posing in front of a camera.

I encourage you to open your mind up to a different way of seeing your wedding photography. Perhaps in a way that doesn't have to be "picture-perfect" but perfect for you two, as a couple. Images that you can look back on and immediately identify as unique to your love. As your wedding photographer, I see myself as the person who gives you the opportunity to be authentic, have an incredible day, and allow your intimacy, beauty, and genuine spirit to come through. 

Then, all ninja-like, grab those moments with the camera!