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To say that I love image-making is an understatement. My goal as a wedding photographer, is to give people the space and opportunity to be themselves, honestly, in front of my camera. I love movement, gesture, expression, micro-expression, human and non-human connection, nostalgia, music, fashion, comedy, and people.

I am enamoured with the possibility that I may, even for the briefest of moments, get a window into your unique perspective. Who knows what funny and wonderful language the two of you have between each other? It's beautiful to be able to illuminate and illustrate that. I really want to know and tell your story.

I encourage you to open your mind up to a different way of seeing your wedding photography. Perhaps in a way that doesn't have to be "picture-perfect" but perfect for you two, as a couple. Images that you can look back on and immediately identify as unique to your love. As your wedding photographer, I see myself as the person who gives you the opportunity to be authentic, have an incredible day, and allow your intimacy, beauty, and genuine spirit to come through.