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Before you can effectively tell a story through images, you have to understand the story a little bit. This is why I love getting to know my clients, because it helps me to know what mood and vibe they want to create in their photos. For this particular session, the client was doing this for herself, something to start her off on the right foot, so to speak, as she embarked on a new journey in life. What better reason to have a boudoir photoshoot, than to celebrate taking a new direction, or going through a new growth period. What I loved about this client, is that she reached out to me to do this for her. As a result, it went fabulously. The direction was clear.

I'm all about highlight and shadow in intimate portraits. I definitely appreciate different aesthetics in photography, and can be versatile in my approach, depending on the client and the story, but I want to use the continuous natural light in a way that sculpts and wraps around the curves to give the client and/or viewer beautiful image where the feminine shape is unmistakable. Whatever the story is, the image must be beautiful. 

To me, this boudoir session was like a casual day at home enjoying ones own company - just reading, sippin' on some whiskey, trying on different outfits and jewelry, and generally being feminine and gorgeous on one's own terms; really enjoying a day of purely feminine self-care.  Nothing is quite as fulfilling as a day where it's all about you, and you can let the rest of the world drop away. I really tried to convey that through these images. 

This is why I say a boudoir session isn't just about the photographs, but it's about the experience itself. You want to have the experience just as much as the photos, because through the experience you will learn a little bit more about yourself, your needs, and your story. The best results come when the process is just as valued as the end result.