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A personal share moment...

Information travels, information travels faster, and in the age of sharing and social media, this is just part of our daily routine. It's not something we even think about, sharing our information.

I'm social, and I love making personal connections with my clients and the people I meet in daily life, but the thought of putting my thoughts and feelings up for everyone to see, without first developing an understanding of who is watching and reading, is unnerving to me. This is something I've dealt with my whole life, and overcoming this fear is something I still deal with. I like intimacy, and I like to keep thoughts and feelings wrapped up and special.

But, what drives me to overcome this need for staying unnoticed, is that I feel I have something to give and I want to give it - in fact, giving is how I feel best in the world. I love sharing, educating, inspiring; those are my ultimate goals in my life and in my work. Sharing on social media is a journey for me and I'm making an effort to be more involved and engaged.

So today I'm going to share, as I have had the busiest and most rewarding month of my life (and this year has been one of the most rewarding years of my life). I've been working toward this moment, which is really a dream come true, of having my own creative practice and creative space dedicated to inspiring others for many, many years.

I opened a studio this month in downtown Vancouver, BC and it has been unbelievably, uncontrollably, unimaginably busy; at times I just felt like I would never catch up, all the craziness of opening a studio, in addition to the mountain of work that a photographer deals with in October (I read that October is for photographers what April is to accountants...yeesh!) So much organizing, planning, balancing, serving, creating, moving, etc. was total insanity. But so, so, so worth it.

And you know what? I'm going to share, goddamnit! Why? Because I want to inspire your heart and make your life, even if just a little bit, fuller and more beautiful.

So hello, friends, I can't wait for you to drop by. This is a place I'd like to share with you, to evolve creatively, empower, and inspire. I so hope to see you here, I so hope you'll come by. <3