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I hear photographers say it a lot so I don't want to overdo it, but Lisa and Andrew are the sweetest couple. They have gentle souls, both of them, a loving sense of humour, and a tenderness with each other. Andrew is a gentleman, they have the kind of love where he would lay his coat over a puddle for her to cross. A true romance - a fairy tale. They both love Disney, so this is fitting. Lisa also loves candy (just like me, I love candy and I cannot lie) and they have two rad dogs.

I'm going to be sad after I shoot their wedding, because I won't get to talk to them as much. 

So off on another engagement adventure! For our engagement photography session we went into the Fraser Valley, just outside of Chilliwack. I had found out about another sweet spot and wanted to go and take some beautiful photos. My favourite spots are the less-travelled, kinda off the map ones. First, because they are more secluded so it is easier for couples to feel comfortable being loving with each other (especially if they hate PDAs), and it just so happened the time of year we went, the sun would set through the valley and we'd get a nice sunset. Yay for sunset light.

But again, how thoughtful they are; here's an example, Lisa knew the day I would be coming back from Greece, and told Andrew, who works at the airport, to look out for me. What clients are so incredibly thoughtful like that?! These two are wonderful. Just like, so wonderful my heart could burst. In the end, almost all of my clients feel like family to me. I grew up with a giant, close-knit family so this is definitely my happy place.

Anyway, they just played and had fun with each other and basked in the sunlight. Nice day, soft sands, fast river, beautiful mountains - we even found a cornfield at the end for some romantic, intimate shots of them. It was a long, perfect day at the end of the summer. We didn't shoot at night of course, but afterwards when we went for some eats, the moon hung perfectly in the sky and the sunset was long and drawn out. I remember it so vividly, and hope they do too <3