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I love adventurous engagement photography sessions, and clients who trust me enough to let me take them to these locations. Melodi & Jordan live in Toronto, but have lived in BC also and have lots of friends and family here. They wanted their engagement photography session to be special, and wanted something nature-inspired vs the city dwelling of the GTA. So, I got an email from Melodi asking me about my approach to photographing engagements, and if we could do something awesome. That I can do :)

It was perfect timing, because I had just found out about a beautiful spot in Squamish that I wanted to take the right couple to. Melodi and Jordan both appreciate photography a lot, and they were discerning when choosing their photographer (shout out - thanks guys for choosing me!) so I knew that this was the right couple for this special location. I do find that when couples put the extra effort into their engagement sessions, the results are better. It is recommended to just put in a little more than you normally would in terms of hair/clothing/makeup/accessories. You don't want to not look like you, but your best version of you. 

I got to know a little bit about their love story, what attracted them to one another, and I almost cried when I heard Jordan say to Melodi that asking her to marry him was one of the best decisions he's ever made in his life. They are honest and vulnerable with one another, but also hold each other, and themselves, to a high standard. I understand couples like this because Alex and I are like that with with each other - and as a result it makes us better people. Melodi and Jordan are both like that - always wanting to be and do their best. In fact, after their engagement session they asked me what they could do better in the future for their wedding photos (they are doing a destination wedding in Hawaii). I thought that was awesome - tough as nails they are! Of course my answer was really just to be authentic and enjoy each other and the moment, fully. You know, don't worry too much about the end result - best to just enjoy the process. 

But aren't they beautiful? Personally I wouldn't have changed a damn thing!