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Engagement Adventure Up The Indian Arm | Vancouver Wedding and Boudoir Photography

When Jess and Jay emailed me and told me that they were having a Halloween wedding, I felt like it was fate - Halloween photography is kinda my thing. I started shooting Halloween events years ago and they are still my favourite events to shoot. I love how wacky and wild and creative everyone gets. It's totally acceptable to be ridiculous and dark - that's my jam!

I also knew that I was going to adore these two. There is nothing about them that attempts to be anything for anyone, but themselves. They are fearless and fully true to who they are. They are also loved by many. What struck me about Jess was how accepting she is of others; she has a bold sense of humour, is the opposite of superficial, and both of them are just so damn likeable. 

For this engagement session, we waited for the weather to improve. We wanted to do some adventuring and the plan was to take the boat up the Indian Arm and find some sweet, remote spots. The wait for the weather paid off and we finally caught a brilliant, warm, sunny Sunday.

We met in Deep Cove and launched at Cates Park, my sweet Alex captain of the ship, Jess and Jay probably totally unsure of what to expect - but they had beers, so that was probably reassuring! We spent a couple of hours cruising up the arm, enjoying the sun, and stopping at a couple of locations that were beautiful and scenic to take photos, hopping back on the boat - rinse and repeat! What can I say? I love the water! I always seem to end up near it. We of course couldn't end the afternoon without a proper send-off, and we just wanted to hang out a bit longer, so we docked in Deep Cove and spent the rest of the afternoon at Honey's Doughnuts. I mean, it's basically a sin to visit Deep Cove without having a doughnut (or two!) at Honey's.

 I can't say it enough, it was just such a fun afternoon, we all had a great time and it was literally perfect.