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Intimate & Natural | Vancouver Lifestyle Photographer | Beautiful Alina's Lovely Baby Shower

Hi my sweet friends,

Let's talk a little bit about Alina.

I met Alina about a year ago while she was working at a studio in Hasting's Sunrise. She's also a photographer and though it was a brief meeting, we exchanged info and I emailed her that night. 

I immediately knew I had to be friends with this person because she was so kind - just like, the kind of person you want to wrap into your arms and hug because they are so immediately generous and open. She had no judgements; she gave me her attention and her warmth. All I wanted to do was give back to her in return! I was determined to be generous with her in the same way she was with me.

Fast forward a few months, after many work dates and hangouts later, we had an afternoon working together and she told me she was pregnant.

I'm a child myself, so the thought of making any babies is terrifying to me but I can't think of anyone who would make a better mom than Alina.

Alina's friend Olympia organized the entire baby shower - and everyone rallied around her in a massive show of love and support - of course I am not surprised by the kind of people she attracts. It started with a plaster cast of her bump, then a henna artist showing up...pretty epic! Olympia picked the perfect way to celebrate her bump! Not only that but everyone brought treats, an individual bead to string on a necklace, a gift, and we all contributed to a words of kindness jar, a gift card, and a food train. After the Henna Artist finished Alina's bump she came around to everyone else. Alina's sweet little mum was there too, right by her side! There was so much love in the room it was incredible. Every single one of us was in tears at some point.

I hope that you can see in them just as well as I can how lovely Alina is! Her little baby Lukie is now in the world fully formed and he is adorable, social, and a ladykiller ;)