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Unapologetically Feminine | Modern Intimate Portraits | Boudoir Photoshoot Vancouver

...aka boudoir. Definitely NSFW. If you are easily offended by sexuality then turn back before it's too late!

I had the total pleasure of photographing this unreal woman, and I'm so totally obsessed with her through-and-through femininity. It was the first thing I noticed about her - she is unapologetically feminine. And I love those who are totally unapologetic about who they are. 

I'm shooting in a new space so it was a bit of an experiment, as I'm playing a bit more with the style of lighting during my shoots. I like to shoot dark, especially for intimate lifestyle - and on that note, let's clear something up: I call it boudoir because I find it is immediately recognizable by others, however, "boudoir" is not really the best term for it, and "intimate lifestyle" has been coined among the community which is far more fitting, and professional. Intimate lifestyle. 

This gorgeous woman had so much lingerie to choose from, which was exciting in itself. And she walked around in it like a goddamned queen. I could have photographed her forever. She was a *dream* to shoot. The challenge, at times, is that women are taught to totally repress their sexuality so it can be a point of discomfort for them. Getting into it can feel weird, as the experience is fun and awesome, but you do go out of your comfort zone, as well. And the tendency is to judge oneself, because you might be afraid to not give a f* and like yourself, but for best result you must really feel it. Know your own beauty.