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Because life wouldn't be the same without you | Bridal Portraits In Lighthouse Park | Intimate Wedding & Elopement Photography Vancouver

Lighthouse Park might be one of my favourite spots. It offers a diversity in landscape with different textures, different scenery, and different kinds of light. It's got a lot of possibilities for shooting and many quintessential west-coast-isms in one spot. It's hard to get through the trails in a dress I will say that, but it's worth it! For photos, for exploring, for love. One of the first dates Alex and I ever went on together, we took photos in Lighthouse Park. It has a special place in my heart.

When I met Fabiola and Daniel, we talked on the phone briefly first. I was convinced that they weren't real because they were so enthusiastic and stylish and beautiful and warm. Just look at Fabiola's Instagram, @fabfoodandthecity. They are both really special people.

They are also totally in-love, and a dream to shoot. And did I mention their style? They have kickass style. When we went to Fabiola's apartment, it was perfectly decorated and of course I am a total sucker for beautiful interior spaces. She had all of my favourite colours and accents - brass, glass, marble, and velvet. I wish that I could also design and decorate interior spaces - multiple ones, not just my own (on an unlimited budget, of course). 

Fabiola was a champ, climbing around rocks and through the woods, and Daniel led the way with his easygoing but delightful approach. He held her hand and guided her along, and she totally trusted him. His approach is so gentle with her, and she is such a goddess and deserves no less.

I wanted to photograph them in a few different settings, in different types of light. I like the idea of dark forest, full sun, and shade and texture. I think some variety is good and playing with light is my favourite - especially in the dark forest, where some of the images look like paintings, there is so much texture. It's good to mix up the classics with a stylish aesthetic. You want to look back at your images for those classic shots, and you also want to remember the time you lived in, who you were then, what you felt like, what you looked like, the feeling of the day, the smells, the air on your skin - the images are both time capsule and timeless, beautiful stylized pieces to display and recall, classic pieces to hold onto forever.

Mix of old and new.

As a result, I now consider Fabiola and Daniel friends of mine. Their beautiful hearts and their love for one another is inspiring, fresh and so European. They make their bang-on Euro style look so goddamned effortless and easy! Such zest for life!

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