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Because, Beautiful Things | Heirloom Copper Glass Box & Prints | Modern & Intimate Wedding Photographer Vancouver

We have some new products at our studio which I keep pulling out and admiring every day since they came in. I feel like this is so closely tied to my philosophy about visual sensory input as language, but I promise you I will post about that another day.

For now I will briefly touch on my philosophy about updating our products because, with new visual trends come new ideas. Fashion and style are closely connected with economy, politics, and culture. I feel it is important to be flexible in your thinking and to always adopt new ideas, and this includes beautiful things. Beautiful things bring a sense of harmony and peace.

In saying that, I researched and found products for aiota that are handmade. That's right, all our albums and heirloom boxes are handmade. They are absolutely freakin' gorgeous. I just can't say it enough.

Not only are they gorgeous, but they are quality and classicI want you, and everyone who sees them, to adore the objects that contain your photographs, as well as the photographs themselves.
The pages in the Heirloom Album are museum quality prints - made from archival, acid-free, cotton paper. There is zero gloss or lustre to the prints - they are completely matte. This makes the colours so rich, deep, and velvety. 

Sorry, we don't offer canvas. I am morally opposed to canvas. Why would anyone do that?

Okay, that's not totally true - if you *really* want canvas I will happily oblige but as a rule it isn't something I offer! You will love your deep matte mounted prints more, trust me.

Okay, I digress. Without further ado I just want to show you some of our product updates, and I can't thank Copper and Torch, and my album company, enough for these fantastic products. 

The heirloom boxes, handmade in Atlanta, fit a 5x7 image *perfectly* as you can see in the photo. We are also offering three different types of albums - the Mini (pictured in a leather ivory, but you can get it in different colours and materials), The Signature (pictured below in a black buckram but also available in different materials/colours), and The Heirloom which is so amazing and you shouldn't mess with it (brown leather). We offer heirloom boxes and albums with our Wedding and Intimate Portrait packages. Our Intimate Portrait Packages are online. Price lists for Weddings (packages and a la carte available upon request). But love.

Tell me though, do you guys love these as much as I do?? I am over the moon!