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Sacred Skies | Photography & Graphic Collage | Vancouver Fine Art Photographer

i have been attempting various projects, mixing imagery I've taken of the real world and hand-drawn images and patterns - i dedicated today to doing something just for personal satisfaction and nothing else.

This photo was taken in Joshua Tree, California. Joshua Tree is a bit of a crazy reality and i kept wondering if what i was seeing was actually natural. It just seemed so unbelievable - how remarkable life is in its ability to adapt to the environment.

I have noticed, especially as of late, that there is "good" in the "bad" and "bad" in the "good" - at least from my own perspective of what is "good" and "bad." And, instead of judging events to be one way or the other, to just act as is necessary and as the situation requires. It would be fun to pretend that life is perfect all the time, but it isn't. And yet, there really isn't time for dwelling...

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