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Virtues | April Playlist | Vancouver Wedding & Elopement Photographer

I have been toying with the idea of putting a monthly playlist up because music is such a huge influence in my life and on my work. I finally got over my insecurity, worried that it doesn't totally relate to what I do and my brand (it doesn't, really) but who cares? If other people can enjoy it, what better place to share the current tracks that inspire me and get me through the days than on this blog? I never wanted the blog to be photography-only, anyway. I have a lot of interests so I'm always wanting to share new content and new ideas. 

I titled the first playlist "Virtues" because the last few months that I have been listening to these tracks, I've been contemplating morality, attitude, karma, balance, justice, patience, and courage. I've been surprised by the events in my life, and learning to really drop my expectations, both positive and negative, of what will happen. Some situations I thought would go in a positive direction, went the opposite...and some that I thought would be disastrous, ended up being positive. So, I am learning really just about moving unapologetically forward and being disciplined in maintaining a positive attitude. Who really knows, at the end of the day, how it will go. Some circumstances are not in our control.

So, this Spring is all about The Virtues, and being totally awesome. If you ever see me cruising around Vancouver, dancing like a fool in the seat of my car, it's probably because I'm listening to these tracks. Please join me in being totally awesome. Comment, write, whatever...but I would love to hear your thoughts on the current stage you are in in your life and your plan for your own growth, maintaining a high level of integrity in doing so!

Love to all my Vancouver pals, and all my pals beyond! You (and music, and photography, and, and, and...) make this life so great!