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You're Already Perfect | Modern Intimate Portraits | Boudoir Photoshoot Vancouver

This gorgeous creature came for a boudoir photoshoot, last-minute, on a whim! She was nervous, as most people are when they come for some sexy intimate boudoir portraits: Like, oh hey! Get half-naked in front of me!

Of course that's not my approach! If you are thinking of coming for a session, and if you're on the fence because maybe you're nervous, you'll see very quickly that you wasted your energy being scared. Why? Well, if you see me, camera in hand, crouching down with my booty popped out, demonstrating the poses, you'll realize that "looking weird" isn't something I worry about personally, so you probably shouldn't, either.

Anyway, back to this babe - she is stunning, and the minute you meet her you just know that she has some serious game. She's charming, hella beautiful, smart AF, and extremely motivated. She's kinda got it all. You know those girls? They both inspire us and make us a bit envious of their charming wit. My only regret is that it was a mini-session...only 35 minutes to shoot! When we sat down during the viewing and ordering session, we talked a bit about her experience and her feelings after having done the boudoir photoshoot. She was absolutely thrilled and she talked about how sexy and awesome she felt after the shoot. Not only that, what was interesting is we talked a little bit about a conversation she had with her mom, earlier. She told me that she'd asked her mom if she'd ever had sexy/intimate portraits taken, and her mother said no, but that she wishes she had. This really struck me, because I am of course a firm believer that every single woman should have their intimate portraits taken, at some point in their lives. And, additionally, I thought it was interesting that she felt she couldn't get them done, at that point in her life as a mother. Maybe that's a post for another day where we can explore this aging idea in-depth, but as for this, chasing perfection will lead you to a lot of "I wish I had..." or "Too bad I didn't..."

Side note, how do I know that chasing perfection leads you to nowhere-town? Because that was totally me. I was so obsessed with doing everything I approached perfectly, that I wouldn't even bother showing it/up to anyone if my work wasn't publishable/100%/flawless. This was my attitude most of my life - every project or idea or task that I approached, everything in school, every type of work; and in some ways, when I actually managed to finish something, it served me because it was really good. But, mostly, I just ended up in a place with a lot of cherished ideas that never were expressed, or platforms where I could have added value and I was too afraid, or roads that I never went down. Don't get me wrong, I am doing what I've always dreamed of, but the desire in me was so strong I just had to eventually decide, in the face of doubt, I had to keep moving forward.

These days, I know "perfection" is an illusion, and I know how the floorboards creak when it slinks around me - I recognize it fully and I catch it in the act. It's really another form for, "You're not quite good enough!" or "Who do you think you are?!" or "What business do you have...?"
And it's a lie, and I am now fortunate enough to have seen this falsehood and poke holes in this fabrication. There are no absolute truths when it comes to the subjective world, and perception dictates. So I let it go. I changed my thoughts around that perfection thing. 

And you should too, 'cause you know what? One day you'll look back and you'll see how fabulous you are, and you'll wish that you didn't believe it when you told yourself otherwise. 

And if you've gotten over that already - daaaaaaaaaaamn, I admire you. You should teach that to others. In a non-culty way of course ;)

Now, let's admire this bombshell! As always, what a total pleasure and joy it is to get to photograph and know my beautiful clients, to be able to see into their wonderful hearts <3