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Aimless in the city | Character profiles | personal photography work

Before you ask yourself, "WTF is this?!" please read the following:

One of my meetings for Friday got rescheduled, and since I can't bear to take a day off, I went out and did some personal work to satisfy my craving for something a bit more...light-hearted and hilarious

I wanted to do something a bit funnier because, well, look at that suit. I was interested in creating a character, but also simultaneously encouraging my subject to show his own character. Which, as you can see, he obviously did, and I didn't prompt him. It makes for an interesting mashup - we can't tell if he's just taking the piss, or if he's really like that and doesn't realize how totally out of place he is? Or does he know it and not even care? I think the idea of this character watching an imaginary baseball game, which may just be an excuse to drink Pabst in the park, is wicked funny.

 Male subjects/characters are something I work with a lot less, but I find when I do, they tend to never take themselves too seriously. We can't forget about comedy in all of this image-making business!

Thanks to my friend Jason who showed up with his A-game, the inspiration for this, and his great sense of humour!