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Jess & Jay's Punk Rock Halloween Wedding | Alternative, Offbeat Wedding | Modern & Intimate Wedding Photography Vancouver

Something a bit different from the status-quo, Jess & Jay's Halloween Punk Rock Wedding in Surrey. 


As every client has a special place in my heart, I want to talk about Jess & Jay and what awesome people they are - I haven't really blogged any weddings so I'm going back through my catalog and slowly catching up. Their wedding was completely different than the regular wedding that most couples have; they both love Halloween - Halloween (and music!) was something they bonded over, so it was fitting for them to just ignore all the rules and have a Halloween Party that also happened to be their wedding, as well. 

It was entertaining, to say the least. Pretty much everyone dressed up, so that means it was entirely comedic, creepy, totally interesting, and very story-book. It was quite clear that Jess and Jay only wanted everyone to have the best time at their wedding. So, I totally love and get why they had this super offbeat, alternative, not-your-average wedding. It was 50-50, I would say. Jess looked so beautiful - I mean a girl has got to dress up beautifully, right? But, it was still really all about having a great time and throwing an unforgettable party. They even handed out Prize For Best Costume, right after the Cake Cutting.

Probably some of my favourite shots, are of Jess and Jay in the foggy field, taking portraits. Once again, these aren't your typical wedding portraits. What I loved about this, was that it was what they wanted. We had shot an engagement session with the two of them prior to this which was full of romance and adorable kisses, but as soon as they saw that fog in the field on their wedding day, we practically bolted for the door to catch that fog. And, naturally, they got into poses which were special and true to them. Who can't love and respect that? They are totally, 100%, completely themselves. There is no pretence with them, no judgement. It was just a joy to be able to get to know them and have a look into their beautiful love! People like them don't come along very often, so thanks guys, I had a BLAST shooting your wedding, and how cool was it to be a part of this awesome event??