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Hi, it's been a couple of weeks!

It has been a couple of weeks, and I've been on the road, shooting, learning, and doing shit that will make me better at my practise, so my clients can also reap those benefits. I've had quite a bit of good fortune come my way, and I'm heading into a double-header wedding weekend, lots of stuff to do, lots of recent shoots, and a ton of editing (haha) - but I'll update you all on that soon.

I was recently at The Columbia River Gorge, while Alex worked with Promosa at Paradiso, programming video wall. It was a ton of fun, and for those of you who know I once worked in production, it was very exciting to see a festival go down again! We took a little drive around the area on our last day, where this photo was shot. Below was a CRAZY cliff (Alex called it a "negative cliff") with, I kid you not, some crashed cars way below; scariest thing I've seen in a while. It was also breathtaking, all this makes you realize just how small we really are. 

Once again, stay tuned. I am making a serious effort to update regularly, so check back soon (like, in a few days - so much good, exciting stuff happening!)