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Ali texted me before this engagement session and said, "Hey Pam, it's Ali from Ali & Shauna!" 
Like it's the Ali & Shauna show, and that's fitting, because they're both very hilarious. The kind of hilarious that makes you a bit annoyed that you'll never be that funny. And they both are very funny, so naturally there's a ton of laughter when you're with them, and when you're photographing them. 

We did their engagement session in Pitt Meadows, at The Pitt Meadows Dykes, early morning - my favourite light. When Ali suggested the location, she said, "No pun intended." Are you feeling me yet? Maybe you won't get it unless you meet them, but these two are lovely, warm, stylish, genuine, and hilarious. 
And from my perspective, humour is one of the main connection points for these two. There are a lot of laughs. Everything is a joke. Or leads to a joke if it isn't a joke in the first place. All roads lead to jokes. 

They also have two fur babies that they adore, and the very first time we met I lost my mind a little over their one pup's name, Donkey. It very quickly became clear that they love their dogs so much - like crazy unruly kids in the family. 
So how could we not include them in this engagement session? It had to be done. In the end, we decided on also incorporating an in-home, lifestyle engagement session as well as the "traditional" engagement session. One with the pups, the whole family. 

And this also completely changed the energy and intimacy of the session. Couples are much more comfortable in their own spaces, and they feel free to be themselves more so than they would in an outdoor, public space. I do like to create as much intimacy as possible, so even the most PDA-fearful out there will allow themselves to open up. It allowed me an even closer look at just who these two are and how they are together. I have a bit of a confession, I love what I do also because it is beautiful to see inside a couple's love. The emotional climate which is unique unto them. I have the great honour of being their wedding photographer in Whistler in 2018 and I cannot wait to document their amazing day (seriously though, their outdoor venue is SPECTACULAR!)

The dogs though, they were pretty excited about all the treats.