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Subtle & Feminine Boudoir Session | Vancouver Boudoir Photographer | Aiota Photography

Something  a bit different, I've been wanting to share this boudoir session for a while but haven't gotten around to it. 

As you know, having your intimate portraits done is an incredibly personal thing, and not every client allows me to share their boudoir photoshoot online. This is something so intimate, and I always respect a client's wish for privacy. When you book your boudoir session with me, you have a few options when signing your agreement for sharing - you can give me full permission to share everything, permission for me to share images which hide your face (therefore hiding your identity), or permission to share specific images upon review. It's always up to the client, you have full control.

For this shoot, this stunning woman wanted something a bit more subtle and bright. I tend to focus on specific body parts, and I like a darker, moodier style, but in this instance I worked on something for her which used shadows less, and went from a range of subtle to crazy sexy, showing her full figure. It's different than what I normally do, but I absolutely loved the result, and I think these intimate portraits showcase unapologetic femininity in the same way that the darker portraits do. It's always been my opinion that some of the bright boudoir photos can be too PG 13, and sensuality shouldn't be stuffed into a PG 13 box because the world is otherwise uncomfortable with women expressing their sexual lives. For this reason, I've aimed to display imagery that is beautiful but not afraid to be what it is. I do women's portraits as well, styled, fully clothed, and showing the beauty of the client, BUT boudoir/intimate portraits should be just that, intimate. They should look and feel intimate. They should evoke emotions. I don't want an intimate portrait to be "nice" or "pretty" - save that for your regular portraits. Boudoir photos should push the envelope, a little bit.

Whimsical-tea-time-sexy. It's a thing.