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Seriously Amazing Intimate Portrait Session | Vancouver Boudoir Photographer

I don't know what else to say? This boudoir session was seriously amazing. Not only is this woman totally freaking stunning, like the traffic-stopping kind, but she's also got a heart of gold. I mean, everyone does in their own special way, but this woman was not afraid to show it (you have to be a bit vulnerable and trusting to have a heart of gold like this!) 

When this beauty sat in the makeup chair, she was talking about something that happened to her recently that would be considered a bummer by most. But she was so upbeat about it, so I asked her...HOW?! She said it was a choice she made. She just decided to not let it totally upset her. I understand that attitude in theory, and at times I've myself been able to practice it...but easier said than done. To do this consistently takes a lot of discipline, will, and emotional health and well-being.

And there's reason number five-thousand why I love what I do - because I learn from my clients. I love the interesting perspectives that these beautiful women who book a photoshoot with me come with, and share. Thanks, thank you for teaching me another way to approach life.

During lead-up process, we emailed back and forth a lot about styling. Totally up my alley, and wow does she ever have good taste. Everything she chose and came with was completely lovely, sultry, and feminine. I enjoy getting to be involved in the process, and I also think it makes clients feel like they're not on their own, since for some, this session can be nerve-wracking. Like, so many questions...How will I look? Will I do it right? Do I need to practice? How do I pose? Will it feel weird? What if I look like I'm trying too hard? What about that scar I have that I hate? What about the stretch marks on my legs? What about the...

These fears get tossed around in your mind and they make you second guess yourself. Until you get to the studio, and spend a few minutes shooting with me, you'll have a hard time managing these fears. All I can tell you is to be courageous, and that 5 minutes into your shoot you won't be nervous anymore. I've had clients come to me sweating and shaking who, at the end of it all, thought it was funny how nervous they felt in the first place.

That was me going totally off-topic, because this particular beauty wasn't nervous! She was chatty, awesome, and positive. And what a babe!