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Totally Gorgeous Session | Boudoir Photography Vancouver

Guyyyyyyys, it has been ages. Actually ages. Like months. I promise, I’ve been busy. With Instagram being the coolest kid on the block, well, the blog has been neglected (like, 50 sessions behind at this point…ooooops). But, I still feel kinda like the blog is where it’s at because I can say so much more here!

So, I’ll actually be catching up on blogging because it’s my life’s mission. That, along with eating better and going to the gym more. What’s that you say, eating granola bars and working for 14 hours a day at my desk is bad for me? Guess I had better cut that out!

But I digress…onto this beautiful woman and this amazing session!

You know when you meet someone and you kinda wish you could be like them? Like, why can’t I be as caring, patient, womanly, and deeply compassionate? You meet a person and they inspire you so much; they epitomize femininity but also are just so nice. This wonderful woman, magical woman, actually, came in for a session (one year anniversary present to her husband, and also, yes, I shot their wedding if you didn’t notice photos of her wedding gallery on my site as well!) and once again, she reignited in me and reminded me just how important it is to be a loving and positive person who fully embraces their own beauty and feminine heart.

One of the things we wanted to do for this boudoir session was add in movement. We did as much, and some of the shots (the topless ones!) haven’t been included in this gallery - but you can see in some of the photos how there is a storytelling vibe to them, and that’s because of the movement!

Side note - and I feel the need to add this in because it’s one of the questions I get asked the most, and, yes, I’ll pose you; every part of you, I will tell you how and what to do. That’s the biggest concern, I find, is clients are always worried that they won’t know how to pose! Aaaaaand, honestly, you probably won’t - but your photos will still look fabulous because that’s what your photographer will help you do! The best ones, at least, won’t leave you guessing whatsoever and you’ll know exactly what to do because they will tell you!

But back to the session - I’ve been playing with the light in the different parts of my studio and by now, I know this space pretty well and how the light behaves depending on what corner I’m in or what angle you (yes you, lovely woman!) are at in relationship to me and my camera. Know your angles, know your light - all the important stuff!

Another thing we did for this session that I wanted to play with was the chair! Yep, that classic chair shot you see in editorials and magazines - it’s a timeless shot and one that I’ll probably start coming back to over and over and over. Sometimes I underestimate the impact of a great chair pose, or a simple pose against a white wall, for that matter!

I have a video, though it was sent via text and is therefore compressed and terrible quality, but eventually I will get a full-res one, of her giving the album to her husband. His reaction was priceless - he was speechless and also had the most massive grin on his face. I howled, like I myself jumped for joy and glee watching it, in total delight, how freakin’ happy and thrilled he was. It brings me joy, friends, to bring you and your loved one this kind of, er, um, joy! Making relationships and marriages better/stronger is pretty funnnnnn!

But actually, this woman is magic - and she also reminded me, with her presence, to be a better person. To also be grateful for what we have, for the friendships we have, and to spend more time supporting others and cultivating loving relationships. She inspired me to bring more of this into my life because she completely embodies this - and anyone who knows her will tell you the same. So thank you, my sweet client/friend, if you are reading this, thank you for inspiring me; I hope you know I (and I’m sure many, many others) think you are so special and totally one-of-a-kind!