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A little bit o' love and much needed update!

Hi all my sweet friends and fans!

Not sure about everyone else, but the change of season hit me this year! I like to be at the will and mercy of the changing seasons - with spring always comes a fresh wave of ideas and a sort of clearing out of old stuff. Emotionally, physically, mentally. I feel I just naturally adopt this attitude during spring, without even thinking about it.

And well, the change in season made me a bit sick again, with a flu-like thing. Bummer. It has been a bad year for the flu.

But I was doing a lot of sleeping, or trying to sleep because your body heals during sleep, and in those times lying in bed I had this feeling of loneliness and disconnect from my blog :(

I started a list - a list of sessions that I haven't blogged about but need to, and it was almost 20 sessions! And then my heart sank. I want to share, guys! I really, really, really want to share!

So, with spring, I promise to be better. I promise to prioritize. I promise to share. I promise to not hide! I promise to let everyone in a little bit more. Or more often, at the very least!

Right now, I'm not making it a priority and it's time I own up to that. I make a lot of excuses, like, "Oh I have to do this other thing!" but in reality I just distract myself by doing what's easier - and that's the one-on-one with my clients. I love building relationships, so I want to do the one-on-one thing. But how will anyone else get to know me and my work if I don't share?

This is my big struggle, you've probably seen me talk about it in all of my blog posts and on other social media platforms. The gaps in Insta posts, in Facebook Posts, gaps in my blog, in my stories; but I have so much work, so many photographs, and I want to lay it all out there and open up my world for everyone to see! I love fashion, design, graphic design, thrifting, visuals, art, mixed media, philosophy, love, friendship, relationships, personal development, music, podcasts, trends, nerdy things like cameras and film and printing - and did you know I'm kind of obsessed with US politics? I'm interested in so many different ideas. 

Okay time to stop talking and start doing. Follow my journey, see if I improve.

And call me out if I don't!!

And here, just a little peek at some shots from a session that I promise to write about soon...