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Smouldering Boudoir Session | Vancouver Boudoir Photography | Best Boudoir Vancouver

My self esteem has never been bad. But let’s face it I still had something I didn’t like about myself. Doing this session was so nerve wracking at first because I often don’t like the camera. Pam was so friendly and welcoming that it was easy to relax and enjoy the experience . It’s amazing how confident you can feel at the end of the experience after seeing the photos. It’s very empowering and I suggest trying it at least once!

 I haven’t been around in a while, and if you’re wondering why I just posted about it on my Instagram. I’ll make a separate post about that soon on my blog, but just in case you’re wondering and you feel like digging you can go and find it.

I did this session at the beginning of the year and I’ve been meaning to write about it (I’m blogging chronologically, you see!). Notably, when I asked about this wonderful woman’s motivation for doing the session, even though she has a fiance, she said it wasn’t for him, it was primarily for herself. Whatever you desire to do, whomever you desire to do your session for, doesn’t matter - it’s just something I love to know. She travelled all the way from The Fraser Valley to Downtown Vancouver to do this, and her man waited for her in a coffee shop while we shot (awww…so sweet!) I do occasionally get girls who come from The Fraser Valley, so don’t let the drive scare you, we can work around Vancouver’s peak traffic times!

I care a lot about aesthetics, that should be obvious, I’m a photographer. So I don’t just pump out boudoir sessions - I make sure that my clients are styled beautifully and the studio space is set up to create stunning images that you’ll look back on forever and LOVE. I still look back on the images and love them, myself. Creating intimate portraits for clients that they will cherish is my DREAM. I do generally move the furniture in the studio around for my sessions, and this one was no exception. This boudoir session also inspired me for future portraits as well, as we found a few new good spots for light during this that I loved. This girl though - she is smouldering, seriously! She told me she feels awkward in front of the camera. Of course I believe what my clients say but I was like, girl, that has got to be a bold-faced lie! Look at her!

Usually clients are celebrating something and that’s why they’ve come to me. It could be an engagement, or a birthday, or a graduation, or a breakup. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - a boudoir session is healing.

How often are we told that we’re not lovable or beautiful or worthy as-is? We get that message a lot from others, and not to blame them - they received that message from elsewhere as well. Let’s stop the cycle though and support each other? You are perfect as you are…and you don’t need to do anything but show up in order to prepare for your session. Bring some of your favourite pieces/outfits, they don’t even all have to be lingerie; in fact I love styling regular street clothing (or fancy dresses, sure, why not?) in boudoir shoots. So repeat after me, “I am perfect as I am.”

In terms of posing, when you’re in the studio that is something that I help you with start to finish. Again, a lot of clients think that they won’t know how to pose - really not many people know how to pose, not even professional models. It’s really my job as the photographer to pose you. I tell my clients this consistently, as I would say that’s one of the biggest fears clients have before they book their boudoir shoot.

Really though, can you believe she says she doesn’t like the camera??? You would seriously never know. She killed it. Absolutely killed it.