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Instagram Shut Me Up - Now What?

Hey friends!

I have a teeeeeeny bit of news, and then some bigger news at the very end that you may be interested in, so take a few minutes to read all the way through!

First, I wanted to share with everyone - On Monday, my Instagram account was deactivated for inappropriate content, an obstacle many boudoir photographers face. While it’s a bummer to have lost those of you I’ve kept in touch with through that account and the content, it’s time for a new chapter with my new account @AiotaPhotography. I also feel like this is really a great opportunity to clarify boudoir and its purpose, in my life, and in yours. Because, I get it, from the outsider's perspective, it looks like it's all about underwear and babes.

Much of our lives, we as women don't have autonomy over our bodies. We are told to be thinner, or that we're too thin. We're told to be pretty, but we sure can't be too pretty. We are told that are bodies are purposeful - for the enjoyment of others, for having children, for feeding children, for being measured, for being assessed. Pregnant women face the input of the community and the government, when it comes to their bodies. Postpartum women don't 'own' their body again until their children reach an age of independence. We're taught to repress our sexual lives - that not even this is something we can have autonomy over.

My work is not about underwear and curves. My work is about creating a safe, judgement-free space for women to have autonomy over their bodies - to be able to choose how they would like to look, and also to feel. To choose to be beautiful, shamelessly. Some of my clients let me share their photos, but many of them choose to keep their photos private. Some of my clients choose to book a session for their partners, some of my clients choose to book a session for themselves. Whatever the reason, the key here is that women get the choice.

My work is about body-positivity, creating safe spaces for women, and allowing women to shamelessly express themselves in a society that hijacks our bodies at seemingly every turn, every corner, every instance of life.

With that said, I want to show my appreciation for those who understand the beauty, empowerment, inspiration, and confidence that boudoir builds in women (and men, for those of you who’ve done a session also!), and for all the outpouring of love and support I’ve gotten from friends and fans. So stay tuned for my first ever Instagram giveaway! I’ll be announcing details on how to enter, and what you win (hint hint, it’s good) on the AiotaPhotography Instagram next week, on Tuesday October 15th (seriously, I very rarely do sales, let alone giveaways!). Then, I’ll be announcing the big winner on Friday, October 18th, in the evening, PST. So make sure to follow @AiotaPhotography - and subscribe to my updates and stories and I’ll give ya all the wonderful deets!

May your coming long weekend be filled with loved ones, plenty of good food, and fun