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Boudoir Photography Philosophy 01 | Give the Audience More Credit

I should warn you of the topless photos in this post in case you're at work. But may I also remind you that it's legal for women in Canada to go topless in public, so there's that.

I want to share some words from a post I made on Instagram recently, about my philosophy on boudoir photography and intimate portraits, so I apologize if you're reading this twice. I went back and re-read it and when making these posts, sometimes I sit for 5-10 minutes trying to share something that is honest and actually meaningful, but I'm just very boring sometimes!

This time though, it came pretty quickly and I realized it's just one of the facets of why I do what I do.

I'm not into overly fetishized or infantilized boudoir looks. To each their own, but when I see that stuff it makes me cringe; it has such low expectations of its audience. What I strive to achieve through image-making is something that asks the viewer to read between the lines, to wonder, to consider, to feel, to seek more. It gives the viewer the benefit of the doubt and assumes that they have the capacity to be able to see more than just a hot babe or a sexy photo, but also the beauty and the incredible story of a woman. With shape, texture, light, colour, gesture, and the simplicity of these elements combined, we can believe that the viewer is able to dig a bit deeper into themselves, to let their imagination carry their thoughts, and to empathize with the subject in the photograph 🕊️

The fetishization of women - we've all seen it, and it leaves nothing to the imagination. It's one-dimensional, it only tells one singular story and it does nothing to inspire you; it's quick, it's brash, and it's cheap. I'm not a fan. It doesn't satisfy or express, what I know because I know it in myself, the beauty, power, desire, creativity and mystery of the feminine. And also its strength. And also its suffering. And that infantilized crap out there just does not do it.

I want to challenge and change the way we look at the feminine, or at least offer a slightly different perspective than the majority of what's out there.

Women, and that yummy beautiful desire that women posses, deserves a hell of a lot more respect than it is used to receiving. 

What's your experience with this? Have you loved yourself the way you should be loved? Even if you don't feel comfortable sharing on this post, please feel free to email me and share your experiences with this!