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FRIDAY IN FILM: FILM SCAN COMPARISON | Vancouver Wedding & Boudoir Photography | When Life Gives You Lemons...

As I go through my negatives and recent scans, I also shot a test roll on my Canon 1V and had it developed and scanned at a local film lab. We have a bag of film that has been sitting in our freezer for a while - mostly some old Konica VX 100, but there are a few rolls of Kodak Ektar, TriX, and then a bunch of expired rolls (expired film - another blog update to come). 

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Series: Fridays in Film Photography | Vancouver Wedding & Boudoir Photography | Film Photography in New York City

I was recently reminded of something I just never thought would be a thing again: film.

Some background:

Like many of you who took classes in Photography, I started by shooting film on fully manual, heavy and clunky-as-hell metal cameras with, you know it, a fixed 50mm lenses. Pentax K-1000 anyone?

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