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Break Tradition! | Unique & Modern Weddings | Vancouver Wedding Photography

More than ever in urban areas, we live in a culture where it's possible to construct and create your own reality and environment. That means if our heart desires something perhaps, different, or off-the-beaten-path, or less-traditional, or unique, or authentic, or more a reflection of your individuality and personality, you can make that dream come true. Of course I am talking about weddings, here, because there are few events that pull from tradition more than holy matrimony. 
That's not to say it's all perfect, but we do live in a time, more than ever, where we are given more freedom to break tradition. Traditions, at least in urban areas in the Pacific Northwest, aren't followed in the same way they are in other parts of the world. We don't face the societal and cultural pressures here - we can be free to design lives, to some degree!

I have no shame in being open that I'm a believer in this philosophy. Clients (both my boudoir clients and couples) know that I am a fan of breaking tradition (at least a little bit!) and designing your wedding day (and your life, for that matter) in a way that you desire or in a way that reflects your individuality. Like it or not, individuality is an important feature of our culture during these interesting times of change. A stylish wedding, a vintage wedding, a hipster wedding, a retro wedding, a halloween wedding, a cyclist wedding, a thrift-store wedding, a forest wedding, a desert wedding, a 70s wedding, a boho/bohemian wedding - any themed wedding, you get me right? It's your wedding, you're spending the money to make it happen, so why the hell not make it a reflection of your weirdly mis-shapen, and beautiful heart? It doesn't have to be cookie-cutter! But it CAN be an accurate reflection of you, so why not do that?!

And so it goes, that I often end up with clients, whether they even realize it or not, who are not cookie-cutter. And that has actually come as a bit of a surprise to me, because it's really more than I could have asked for! That the clients who I end up working with are so interesting, multi-faceted, unique and wonderful people just makes my work even more rewarding and enjoyable. And because I'm either going to be photographing you almost or partially naked, and/or on one of the biggest days of your life, you should know my message: be kind, be respectful, but be fearlessly you!

If you're planning something totally different or unique, please reach out to me! I would love to hear about your plans, your ideas, and the inspiration for your totally awesome, custom, stylish wedding!