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On A Lighter Note | Modern Meets Classic | Boudoir Photo Session

So we need a break! Enough with all the heaviness! I'm probably going a bit too deep these days, so I'm going to lighten it up a bit. Truth be told, I'm feeling more positive than I have in years, I seriously want to break into dance multiple times a day. Good thing no one sees that on my stories! Haha.

So, all these heavy emotional posts, is just, like I said, a "clearing out" - I'm hoping that others out there can gain some value from it!

I'm slowly catching up on blogging older boudoir sessions that I haven't shared anything about! The good thing is, there will be a steady stream of new content, hopefully that you all enjoy! Originally, I was going to do them in order, but I realized it doesn't work as well that way - you have to have a plan, but plan for that plan to change, right?

We did this session back in May of 2018 - I remember during her hair and makeup, this client was talking a bit about her story and her life and her history. As I've said many times, my clients always inspire me and there's a takeaway from every session and every person. We don't spend a ton of time together, but the time we do spend together has meaning, and I'd like to think that all of my clients feel connected enough to me that they can pop in and say "Hi!" at any given moment and it will be greeted with a warm welcome! Something that struck me about this woman, her passion for reading and writing, and her perseverance and emotional strength and willingness to be exactly who she is - she is true to herself. When women, or people in general, are fearlessly themselves, it's one of my favourite qualities in another human. All of my favourite artists are fearlessly themselves - meaning that they have committed to themselves and who they are. This woman was no exception.

As most clients have a reason for booking a boudoir photoshoot, hers was a personal milestone. It was for herself, to mark a new path forward in her life, to celebrate the turning of a corner, to document forever her depth, her soul, and her beauty. A gift to yourself; not just a physical thing you walk away with, but an experience - the experience of going out of your comfort zone, getting dressed up, getting done up, and giving yourself permission to be a sexy goddess - even if it's just for you!

Not only was this woman committed to herself in that she was fearlessly herself - meaning she chose to express who she was through her style, but she was also committed to herself in other ways. I got to learn a bit about the backstory; I always get a bit of backstory - and I couldn't help but ask her, "How are you so emotionally grounded?" She was just so down to earth. People who rise above their circumstances and personal setbacks have real strength.

When I was in my early twenties and working in management and training & development, I had a really amazing boss - a leader, really, and he said, "You don't see who people really are when things are going good - in those times, of course everyone is happy. You really see who people are when there are challenges, when things aren't going well." I've always, always remembered that and I am struck by people who show themselves, their true character, to be virtuous and inspiring, in the rough times. It is truly remarkable when you meet someone who can show themselves to be kind, strong, and committed to themselves, no matter how challenging the circumstance!

I connected recently with her and asked her a question, as I'm seriously curious, when you're searching for a boudoir photographer, what are you looking for? She came all the way out from the Fraser Valley area to Vancouver, so it was a trek for her! I often think that it comes down to trust - and I'm pretty non-judgemental and I'm pretty trustworthy, but people who've never met me will never know, or even believe that; it takes years to build up trust! Plus, everyone out there will say that they're trustworthy, that's just how it is!

In her words:

"You’ve got a way with women. A way with photos. A way with making the mood perfect. You made my shoot absolutely perfect. The music. The ambiance. The photos are magical. Your pictures are dark, and moody. They’re magical and deep. They’re beautiful, and they show both the passion and the hurt that a woman feels in her photos. It’s remarkable. Truly.

When I was searching for a photographer one of my main searches was someone who offered outfits. While I wanted my own, I also wanted someone who had stuff on hand as well. Someone who had items to switch up the mood and the atmosphere in a moment. I also adored the “moody” look of your photos. The natural lighting in all your pictures is pure magic. Idk how to explain it. But I took months looking into photographers and I always came back to you."

Really thankful to be able to get to know, even if it's just a tiny bit, of every person that walks through the studio door <3