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Sunset & Ocean | Engagement Photography | Vancouver Engagement & Wedding Photographer

As I've mentioned before, I notice that every couple has a unique bond with one another, and together they create an intimacy that is never duplicated. How two people interact and create balance is really special to watch and even more special to photograph.
I followed these two around (that's what I feellike I do, just follow couples around!) out on the ocean at sunset. The first thing I noticed was how playful David was - he just wanted to entertain, lead, and explore; he wanted to nurture and love his lady. Annique, a little bit more shy and demure, took it all in in her quiet enthusiasm. I photographed them, trying to keep up!

It was one of the last nice nights of the summer - a perfect time for an engagement photography session, when the weather is still mostly-predictable, or, mostly nice. These two had said that they'd never been photographed before, and they wanted to have some special memories for themselves before they get married in Mexico next year. A wedding in Mexico - what a dream!

This session was a whirlwind! So much to shoot, so much going on - David kept saying to Annique, "I'm in love with you!" and you could see how completely devoted to her he is. He gave her his full attention, like nothing else existed. And, if you meet Annique, you will understand why - she is lovely, smart, beautiful, well-spoken, charming, funny - in a really humble, down-to-earth kind of way. They were a perfect fit - made for each other, so to speak. 

We started out just before sunset, sun fully reflecting off the water, feeling surreal as sun and ocean tends to make one feel. They climbed around the rocks, boulders, down to the beach, along the logs, back up again. At one point a wave crashed into them, shocking and wonderful at once. When the sun set, you could see the moon - seeing the moon during daylight brings me joy, and you could see it in the photographs as well. They hiked off, away from me a little bit, and sat to watch the sunset. It's not just an engagement photoshoot, but also an experience, after all. There may or may have not been wine. Okay, there was for sure wine. I photographed them until it was dark.

Afterwards, with some willingness to stay out a biiiiit later, we all went to Parallel 49 afterwards for tacos and beers; it was really really fun - I felt like we were old friends! I got to hear some pretty hilarious stories, and we covered everything from politics, to their daughter's perfect pitch (and mum's lack of it!). It never felt awkward at any point - the conversation just flowed effortlessly.

Writing about this makes me miss that night...let's go out for beers again soon guys? <3