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Smouldering Boudoir Session | Vancouver Boudoir Photography | Best Boudoir Vancouver

I did this session at the beginning of the year and I’ve been meaning to write about it (I’m blogging chronologically, you see!). Notably, when I asked about this wonderful woman’s motivation for doing the session, even though she has a fiance, she said it wasn’t for him, it was primarily for herself….

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Duality, and Being Vulnerable and Powerful, Simultaneously | Vancouver Boudoir Photographer

Hello lovely friends!

I just finished a 4-day photography conference/workshop in Ontario with some of the best boudoir photographers in Canada and the US; then I have a few days to spend with my family in Ontario - both have been great, and I'm glad to be able to do a "hard reset" on life, goals, family & friends, and my creative practice…

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Feminine Botanicals | A Boudoir Singalong | Boudoir Photographer Vancouver

Okay, it's not really a boudoir singalong but humour me and pretend it's funny.

Women and nature; like the earth, women are the receptive - the fertile ground for the possibility of creation. The rhythms and cycles. How many of you notice the full moon when it's full? We harmonize with the moon….

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Going Outside Of Her Comfort Zone | How To Approach a Boudoir Session | Boudoir Photography Vancouver

Let's talk about going outside of one's comfort zone in order to get more comfortable in our own skin. She booked her boudoir session for this reason - she was trying new things and entering a new chapter in her life; one of self care, being more outgoing, developing a new appreciation for her body, and exploring parts of her life and her history she hadn't explored before…

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Casual & Stylish Boudoir Session | Vancouver Boudoir Photographer

I had a client recently say to me in an email, "sorry for all the hand-holding" regarding outfit choice consultation. It was an interesting comment because I think as women, we are taught to apologize a lot when asking for our needs or requests to be met....

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Seriously Amazing Intimate Portrait Session | Vancouver Boudoir Photographer

I don't know what else to say? This boudoir session was seriously amazing. Not only is this woman totally freaking stunning, like the traffic-stopping kind, but she's also got a heart of gold. I mean, everyone does in their own special way, but this woman was not afraid to show it...

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Sexy, Beautiful, Bold | Vancouver Boudoir Photographer

Oh blogging, how I sit and overthink each and every blog post. See, it's only because I care about those who read the blogs. I know that you're probably reading this because you're thinking about doing a boudoir session, and I'm wondering what it is you'd like to know about a session....

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A boudoir session is for every woman - and it really amazes me the diversity I see in my clients in their ages, shapes, sizes, personalities, careers, values, etc. - there is no "mold" or "typical" woman who books a session. That's what I love, it's about the feminine spirit. And the feminine spirit isn't something you can trivialize through definition - it's poetic, it's a story - and it can't be reduced to categories.

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While not a boudoir session, this beautiful woman messaged me because she wanted to commemorate a milestone birthday, her 30th, with some amazing portraits of herself. She had quite a few ideas which we talked about via email and over the phone, established a creative direction, nailed down a date and went on a mini adventure!

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Before you can effectively tell a story through images, you have to understand the story a little bit. This is why I love getting to know my clients, because it helps me to know what mood and vibe they want to create in their photos.

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Subtle & Feminine Boudoir Session | Vancouver Boudoir Photographer | Aiota Photography

Something  a bit different, I've been wanting to share this boudoir session for a while but haven't gotten around to it. As you know, boudoir photos is an incredibly personal thing, and not every client allows me to share their boudoir photoshoot online. This is something so intimate, and I always respect a client's wish for privacy...

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Moms Out There, Listen Up! | Intimate Portrait Session | Modern & Sexy Boudoir Photoshoot in Vancouver

It's a strange thing, blogging intimate portrait sessions. I want to show the work (with my clients' permission of course!) but I also am just generally careful about it (for good reason). And yet, I don't want to be cheesy and and call people "Miss D" and the like. I aim to tell a bit about their stories while keeping things generally anonymous and private, though I know anyone who gives me permission to share (and thank you for that!) is okay with it. Why it shouldn't even need to be a secret is a conversation for another day, but anyway.

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