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Unapologetic femininity! Boudoir photography and intimate portraits celebrate a woman’s authentic, sexy, and stylish feminine self. 


I say that a lot. Be unapologetic about your own beauty.

My name is Pam, and I am the main photographer at aiota photography, a lifestyle, wedding, and boudoir photography company in Vancouver, BC, Canada. 

A lot of people (both men and women) ask me why I photograph people and, specifically, boudoir? 
The truth is actually very simple and personal: I have a desire to see into the hearts of women.

Women are beautiful. It is a natural part of their human expression. It just is, in the same way that baby animals are cute AF, a tropical beach is the ultimate in relaxation, and Amy Schumer is hilarious - women are just gorgeous beings.

One could say that being a boudoir photographer is about redefining rigid standards and concepts of beauty, or as a way to express a sexuality that women are taught to repress, or to document women’s bodies at a time in their lives when they feel at their best; all true and excellent reasons to shoot boudoir, but the tiny little spark within me that drives me to do this, is wanting to know the hearts of women.

In a way, a photoshoot is a therapy, a bonding experience, and a chance to see yourself in a way that maybe you’ve never seen yourself before. 

We are depleted by both the inner and outer demands of our lives; demands we have of ourselves, of others, and demands the world has of us. A man is encouraged to be strong; men have the permission to celebrate their bodies, their physique, shamelessly - why is it that women can't celebrate their beauty just the same?

I hope that by seeing into your heart, and seeing your heart, a boudoir photoshoot can help you to rest in the healing power of nurturing your own beauty, and to give yourself permission to feel sexy, gorgeous, and totally unstoppable!

Women, I believe, deeply desire to celebrate their bodies, and express their beauty and sexuality. It’s basically a birthright.

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