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Beautiful, Modern, and Moody Boudoir Photography in Vancouver BC | Vancouver Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir Photography in Vancouver BC  that is modern, authentic & intimate. 


Women are amazing. Really, we are. We're brilliant, capable, graceful, kind, intelligent, fair, attentive, powerful, creative, driven, and on and on, ALL while being gorgeous at the same time. And hey, no shade to men, men are great too; but we're not talking about that right now, we're talking about how amazing women are. So, I want to spread the message: Women are beautiful and deserve to be celebrated.

So be unapologetic about your own beauty.

Boudoir, or intimate portrait photography is about women owning their bodies on their own terms, and is a way for women to express a sexuality that they've been taught to repress. The tiny little spark within me that drives me to do this is wanting to know and celebrate the hearts of women - that everyone walks out with just a little bit more love for themselves than when they came in. Women should get to experience their beauty on their terms, exactly how they want.

An intimate portrait session can be a great gift for your partner, but I encourage my clients to see this as an experience primarily for themselves. It is an investment in yourself, a means to express yourself, and a document of who you are for years to come. Without a doubt, you will hold on to and value the experience and the beautiful photos as a result, forever.

Our studio in downtown Vancouver, BC is a place for women to come and hang out, enjoy the day, have some "me" time, and just generally feel like a super-goddess. It pushes your boundaries a bit, too, because it's not every day you get photographs of yourself done in lingerie, but it's something you'll never regret. You may be shy or scared, nervous, or maybe you're afraid to invest in yourself - a lot of women, especially if they're moms, will put themselves last. Stop putting yourself last - that's just crazy-talk.

I aim to create an unforgettable (and super comfortable!) session for every single client, not just via their photographs, but an experience in the hope that they walk away with new wisdom, inspiration, and a deeper, unshakable love for themselves.