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Beautiful, Modern, and Moody Boudoir Photography in Vancouver BC | Vancouver Boudoir Photographer

Be unapologetic. Boudoir photography and intimate portraits celebrate a woman’s authentic, sexy, and stylish feminine self. 


Aiota Photography is a lifestyle, wedding, and boudoir photography company in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We want to spread the message: Women are beautiful; It is a natural part of their human expression. It's as natural as breathing - and women should feel free to celebrate that.

So be unapologetic about your own beauty.

One could say that boudoir photography is about redefining rigid standards and concepts of beauty, or is a way to express a sexuality that women are taught to repress, or to document women’s bodies at a time in their lives when they feel it is best; all true and excellent reasons to shoot boudoir, but the tiny little spark within me that drives me to do this is wanting to know the hearts of women.

In a way, a photoshoot is a therapy, a bonding experience, and a chance to document yourself in a way that maybe you’ve never done before. 

Whether you're wanting boudoir photos as a gift for your partner or just for you, allowing yourself this experience lets you remember for years to come, that damn, you are beautiful!