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A Kind-Hearted Soul | Sexy & Moody Intimate Portraits | Vancouver Boudoir Photography

This gorgeous, Vancouver-born-and-raised woman said to me, "I'll only be 25 once!" when I asked why she wanted to do a boudoir photoshoot. I love the idea that other women see the value in documenting themselves and their bodies at different times in their lives. I watched a video where the presenter was saying, "Women know the history of their bodies!" and I thought it was interesting how women really do have a very intimate relationship with their body. I know that sounds obvious, but perhaps it is most interesting because child-bearing and child-birth offers a different kind of intimate relationship, a different level, really. 

This gorgeous, Vancouver-born-and-raised woman said to me, “I’ll only be 25 once!” when I asked why she wanted to do a boudoir photoshoot

We spoke quite a bit about possible clothing choices beforehand, coming up with a few different looks & styles. I ended up liking her "just chillin" vibe a whole lot in the photos. Almost like - hanging at home, looking sexy and beautiful, but not trying - this definitely is what comes through for me in this set of intimate portraits!

She's also so totally stunning, that must be said again! Classic, unapologetic beauty. Being unapologetic about one's own appearance, beautiful or totally undone, is kinda my thing! When we had the viewing, she said, "I want them all!" - and even I had a hard time choosing and helping her narrow it down, but we did of course.

Last, my favourite thing about shooting boudoir and intimate portrait photography? I meet the most wonderful, interesting, big-hearted people! If you think I'm implying that this girl was a total sweetheart, I am - she's an animal-lover at heart, and we had many conversations about her fur-babies. It sounds so cheesy, but when I shoot someone, I feel like I've also made a new friend.
So far, I've been shooting boudoir in Vancouver, and my network of friends and clients is here, but always willing to travel for intimate portraits as well, for any potential clients who resonate with my attitude and style!

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