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Sexy, Beautiful, Bold | Vancouver Boudoir Photographer

Oh blogging, how I sit and overthink each and every blog post.

See, it's only because I care about those who read the blogs. I know that you're probably reading this because you're thinking about doing a boudoir session, and I'm wondering what it is you'd like to know about a session. I hope to pack each blog with information where you actually want to keep reading. I myself have a short attention span when it comes to blogging.

When this client gave me permission to share all of her photos from her boudoir session, I was totally thrilled. Not only do I think that there's nothing to hide, I also loved that she in a way is helping other clients get a glimpse into what photos from a session will look like! But, I promise, I'm done talking about that!

I love to style my photo sessions - that's no secret. I'm interested in clothing, design, and all things aesthetic. I believe above all else, I'm a visual communicator. With every session, I strive to be totally present for my clients, to give them my full attention and ask questions that will help me truly understand how to co-create their story. I don't want my clients to look at photos of themselves and say, "I look beautiful" - I want them to say, "I look amazing and that's SO ME!" 

A little bit about this amazing woman - she booked her boudoir photography as a "screw it!" moment - like she just decided that she would go for it, in the face of her fears! It was a bit of radical self-love that drove her to it. In spite of all her feelings of what she thought maybe she should have been, what she could have improved on, or whatever, she just went for it. And I will tell you, every woman believes that they think they could be "better" in some way. I don't know if there's anyone who has ever come to me and not said that. But, you're fine the way you are, I can promise you that. That's, partially, the purpose of boudoir photography - to teach you that you are already drop-dead-gorgeous as is.

The other part - to tell your story of course.