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Quivering Little Drops - A Cinemagraph! | Vancouver Fine Art Photographer | Cinemagraph Series

Oh wow - guys I have been seriously buried in work the last few days. I absolutely hate being behind and I will work day and night to catch up...which is what I'm doing right now, and that's why it's 9PM on a Saturday and I'm still working, haha! But I have to post because I can't leave my lonely Blog, and friends, behind! I missed Film Friday yesterday which I feel awful about, so I need to update like, ASAP!

I'm just sorting through a pile of some new projects I'm definitely excited about but keeping on the DL, as I'm sure you'd all rather be surprised rather than anticipate. 

In the meantime, I have been meaning to share this cinemagraph I made. I love to make cinemagraphs - they are a cross between film and photograph, definitely one of my favourite little side projects to do. It's like baking, for me - it's truly a labour of passion and love.

Thoughts? What do you guys think about Cinemagraphs? Yay or nay?

<3 my pals