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Classic Engagement Photos | Sasamat Lake Engagement Session | Vancouver Wedding Photographer

I like to be super organized so that I give all the couples I work with a super personal, but consistent experience. I believe strongly in the power of systems, and having been an assistant regional manager for a fortune 500 company at one point in my life, I realized early on in the power of systems to create and execute a personal, but awesome experience for clients....

Hi, it's been a couple of weeks!

 It has been a couple of weeks, and I've been on the road, shooting, learning, and doing shit that will make me better at my practise, so my clients can also reap those benefits. I've had quite a bit of good fortune come my way, and I'm heading into a double-header wedding weekend, lots of stuff to do, lots of recent shoots, and a ton of editing (haha) - but I'll update you all on that soon....

Roam the Roads | Travel & Lifestyle | Vancouver Wedding & Boudoir Photographer

So a huge part of my life is travel. Every year, I get to travel.

When I was in my early 20s, I remember being SO broke that travelling was something I just didn't think I'd ever get to experience in my life. Or, maybe I did believe that it would happen to me someday, but I was terrified that it wouldn't because it's something that I dreamed of doing. Who doesn't want to travel?

Break Tradition! | Unique & Modern Weddings | Vancouver Wedding Photography

More than ever in urban areas, we live in a culture where it's possible to construct and create your own reality and environment. That means if our heart desires something perhaps, different, or off-the-beaten-path, or less-traditional, or unique, or authentic, or more a reflection of your individuality and personality, you can make that dream come true.

Jess & Jay's Punk Rock Halloween Wedding | Alternative, Offbeat Wedding | Modern & Intimate Wedding Photography Vancouver

As every client has a special place in my heart, I want to talk about Jess & Jay and what awesome people they are - I haven't really blogged any weddings so I'm going back through my catalog and slowly catching up. Their wedding was completely different than the regular wedding that most couples have; they both love Halloween

Moms Out There, Listen Up! | Intimate Portrait Session | Modern & Sexy Boudoir Photoshoot in Vancouver

It's a strange thing, blogging intimate portrait sessions. I want to show the work (with my clients' permission of course!) but I also am just generally careful about it (for good reason). And yet, I don't want to be cheesy and and call people "Miss D" and the like. I aim to tell a bit about their stories while keeping things generally anonymous and private, though I know anyone who gives me permission to share (and thank you for that!) is okay with it. Why it shouldn't even need to be a secret is a conversation for another day, but anyway.

Who Won The Draw??? | Wedding Photography Giveaway | Modern Wedding & Elopement Photographer Vancouver

As we said in our last post, and everyone who entered surely knows, we collected entries for a draw at The OneLove Wedding Show for complimentary photography coverage on your wedding day. This was super exciting for us, and hopefully everyone who entered.

BEFORE you watch the video to see who won, here are the details you need to know in case you win!

The OneLove Wedding Show | Vancouver Events | Intimate Wedding & Elopement Photographer

Friday at noon I'll be announcing the winner for the draw we held at The OneLove Wedding Show. 

The draw was for...drum roll please...a complimentary day of photography coverage on your wedding day! It was a really fun draw that we decided to do because who doesn't love a really good prize? We are very much of the go big or go home variety. 

Dreamin' and Following Roads to Inspiration (and a bit about influences) | Personal Insights | Modern Wedding & Boudoir Photographer Vancouver

I was shooting in the studio space I use for intimate portraits in Gastown early in the week, and there was a stack of enormous (maybe 12x24?) matte black catalogs piled next to the couch on the floor. I'm usually on a mission the mornings of any shoots and don't have the time to stop and look through catalogs, (ha!) but I just really liked the appearance of this particular one